Case Study Spotlight: Complex Process with Large Volume Spikes

Advanced RPO | Case Study

In this case study, Advanced RPO delivers a tailored solution that delivered significant business impact.

Company Profile

A national provider of investigative and risk mitigation services to government organizations utilized a small internal team plus agencies to fulfill recruiting needs.  


They were seeking a highly specialized, scalable and cost effective talent acquisition solution while maximizing underutilized technology.  The solution needed to handle significant hiring spikes with short deadlines along with emphasis on candidate quality to increase training pass/fail rates.  


Advanced was selected as their talent acquisition partner and now manages all hiring from nonexempt to the c-suite.  The solution highlights:
  • Designed to proactively manage the 27-step hiring and government clearance process from requisition intake to onboarding.  
  • Created an automated solution that enables self-scheduling for a multiple step interview process to improve efficiency and retain candidates.
  • ATS conversion with seamless integration of new hires into client’s HRIS.  
  • Developed metric-based dashboards and implemented satisfaction surveys for both hiring managers and candidates.


Advanced has made a significant impact to the business outcomes for this client and has become a strategic partner in managing all aspects of talent acquisition.  Some of the result highlights include:
  • Expedited implementation and first hires started within two weeks.
  • Increased candidate quality with an improved training pass-rate from 72% to over 90%, saving approximately $400,000 per year.
  • Designed efficient process to manage more than 18,000 applications per quarter.
  • Conducted compensation feedback study among offer declines after reports indicated compensation as a prevalent decline reason.

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Written by Tim Oyer, Vice President, Advanced RPO

Tim is an RPO veteran that brings significant knowledge and experience to companies that want to gain competitive edge through talent acquisition. For more than 20 years Tim has worked directly with clients to diagnose their talent acquisition programs and create a variety of long-term solutions to improve their organizational capacity. Tim’s approach always starts with understanding the organization, their business drivers, hiring practices, performance metrics and vision for a winning solution. As a member of the leadership team, Tim’s first commitment is to the Advanced RPO team by ensuring the right culture and environment is established because he understands the direct correlation between employee engagement and customer service. When employees are delighted, so are clients and candidates. Tim is accountable for sales, which provides him the forum to brainstorm with talent acquisition executives on a daily basis. This feeds his passion for creating and implementing the ultimate winning solutions for clients nationwide.